Time Warner Cable Subscriber Privacy Notice

What This Privacy Notice Covers

This Notice describes our practices with respect to your "personally identifiable information" and certain other information. Personally identifiable information is information that identifies you and that you have furnished to us or that we have collected in connection with your receipt of our services. Personally identifiable information does not include aggregate or anonymous data or any individual bits of data that do not identify you. This Notice applies to all of our residential and commercial subscription services, including video, voice, telecommunications, data and security (collectively and individually, "Time Warner Cable Services"), whether provided individually or as part of a bundle of services.

This Notice also discusses your Customer Proprietary Network Information ("CPNI"). This is information about you that we obtain solely in connection with your receipt of our Home Phone, Business Class Phone or commercial telecommunications services ( "Phone Services"). CPNI consists of the information contained in your Phone Services bill and any other information about the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location and amount of your use of Phone Services. If you are a Phone Services customer, we have a duty under federal law to protect the confidentiality of your CPNI and you have the right to have the confidentiality of your CPNI so protected.

This Notice does not cover information that we may collect from our Internet portals and websites, each of which contains its own privacy notice, or any applications, web services or tools that you download or access from these portals and websites. You should also be aware that some of the content, applications and advertisements provided on these portals and websites may be provided by third parties even where the items appear to be hosted by Time Warner Cable's Internet Service. When you access these third parties' online content or services, your personally identifiable information may be transmitted to them. The policies described in this Notice do not apply to these third parties, which may have their own privacy policies.

This Notice does not cover third party on-line services that you may purchase with our data services (e.g., the services of EarthLink and other on-line providers ( "OLPs")). These OLPs may have their own privacy policies.

Our website always contains the most current version of this Notice. See http://help.twcable.com/policies.html. We also provide you with a copy of our Notice upon initiation of service and annually thereafter. You may also obtain a copy of the current Notice by contacting your local TWC office or requesting one through TWC.Privacy@twcable.com.

We may modify this Notice at any time. If we do, we will update it on http://help.twcable.com/twc_privacy_notice.html. If you continue to accept our services after a change, then you are deemed to have accepted the change.

Six areas are covered by this Notice:

  • the nature of personally identifiable information and CPNI collected about you and the way such information is used;
  • the nature, frequency, and purpose of any disclosure that may be made of such information;
  • disclosure of such information to governmental entities and through legal process;
  • the period of time during which such information will be maintained;
  • the times and place you may have access to the information collected; and
  • your rights under the Communications Act.

1. Collection and Use of Personally Identifiable Information and CPNI

A. Personally Identifiable Information

Under the Communications Act of 1934, as amended (the "Communications Act"), we may collect personally identifiable information (described below) over a cable system without your consent if it is necessary to provide our services to you or to prevent unauthorized access to services or subscriber data and we may collect other information that you consent to our collecting and that we will use as you direct. Below is a description of the information that we may collect, using the system or otherwise, about our users in order to provide our services and to prevent unauthorized access to our services.

Personally identifiable information: In order to provide any of our services to you, we may need to collect data about you, including your name; home, e-mail and work addresses; home, cellular and work telephone numbers; social security number; driver's license number; credit, credit card, debit card and bank information; billing and payment information; records of damage and security deposits; records of maintenance and repairs; the number of converters, cable modems or other cable equipment installed in your home or place of business (collectively, "TWC Equipment "); the number of television sets, telephones, computers and other equipment of yours that are connected to TWC Equipment or that receive the Time Warner Cable Services (collectively, "Customer Equipment "); the location and configuration of Customer Equipment; the service options you have chosen; the programs, features and services you have utilized; identifying information associated with the TWC Equipment (e.g., a serial number and/or MAC address of each converter box installed); performance history associated with the TWC Equipment; whether you rent or own your home or place of business (as this may impact installation issues); subscriber correspondence; records of violations and alleged violations of our terms of service; customer research and satisfaction data; and information from third parties that is commercially available, such as age, income and other demographic information.

We may remotely check the TWC Equipment and the Customer Equipment for purposes that include diagnostics and network security and maintain records of the results.

Other information: Our system, in delivering video services, may automatically log information concerning the use and performance of your TWC Equipment, including programming choices requested, the date and time of these choices, and information, services and products ordered from us or our advertisers. This data may be used for purposes that include allowing us to deliver desired information, products and services to you. For example, if you request on demand programming, we will need to collect information about your equipment along with the particular title ordered so that the right content is delivered to the right converter box. If the video ordered has a charge, we will then need to personally identify this information by associating it with your billing account so that we bill the correct customer.

Another example of information that we collect while delivering digital video services is data necessary to provide switched digital services. Many of our systems use switched digital technology so we can deliver additional channels and services. To do so, we need to collect your tuning choices along with information about your equipment to ensure that desired channels are delivered to you when you request them. While this information is temporarily associated